West Coast Street Style

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Sometimes it seems gone are the days of innovative and unique artists printing their own apparel lines that seem to grow confidence within the community. Now just about anyone can create art, print t-shirts and sell them online. This just isn’t so for one artistic trendsetter, Shine Law who currently resides in the East Bay Area.

Shine Law has a deep history creating couture and can be considered an underground style icon for the streets. It all started when he was under his mom’s roof. His single mother may not have had a lot of money but one thing she did do was make sure her son, Shine Law was dressed well which helped his confidence and grew his passion to become a sharp dresser and a trailblazer in handcrafted apparel joints.

As a teenager and later on in his youth, Shine Law became a part of a graffiti crew and began designing shirts here and there. Sometimes he would have a friend airbrush items. Even his name, Shine Law came from a “partner” who said he “shinned like the sun; like good energy was around.”

In ʻ04, Shine moved to Phili which he says can be a culture shock to some, he appreciated being surrounded by black-owned businesses and gained assurance in starting his own clothing business. Before he did so, Shine interned with Aurthor Ash (Tennis Player) and also worked with a couple record labels on street teams like Rokafella. This helped him to learn some tricks of the trade while examining current fashion. Shine worked with Riem on clothing line, “FreakUgly” (now called UglyGrill) which, at the time had about ten physical retail locations on the East Coast.

“I was blessed that it funded itself with the startup money from my own savings. [The business] helped to pay itself back. As long as your business [an] sustain itself, you will eventually see a profit.” says Shine Law.

And just like that, this is how AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND created its brand. A person who wears AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND tends to be a bit old skool in the sense of 80s street gang styles and is akin to old skool Hip Hop fashion such as Dickies and Carhard. To put it more fashion-forward, if you are into OffWhite, Mastermind or BlackScale brands with a creative up-cycle feel, you will dig AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND.

AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND tends to lean more towards creating menʻs wear however, Shine Law has no discrimination when it comes to making hot gear, everything he pushes is considered uni-sex. Plus, the ladies are his best customers, so look to AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND FOR YOUR Valentine’s Day, birthday or a just-because-gift for your man.

There are two ways to purchase drops: Check out AKTIVESUPPLYBRANDʻs official website or see yaʻ in the streets, word-of-mouth style, cash in hand. Of course, AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND accepts all different major credit cards online and Paypal.

AKTISUPPLYBRAND will help you take care of any wardrobe malfunction as they founder Shine Law has always been fashion-conscious. A lot of the gear represented by AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND is directly related to experiences through fashion that Shine Law has had. He has created most of the designs he has offered. On occasion, Shine Law will commune with local artist to come up with a new design.

“Biz partner Reem working on some shit right now. He is doing three pieces for me.” Shine Law shared, whose styles match with Shine, creating heavy-military, survival in the concrete jungle for their buyers.

It is more than noticeable with a good eye that AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND has roots in The Bay Area, especially Oakland, Los Angeles and Philadelphia where he spent most of his time educating himself on street-wear and entrepreneurial-ism. Plus every season and sometimes in between, Shine Law will release one of his random but seasonal “clothing drops” online and through word of mouth. He learned quite a lot of his skills in street fashion sales and entrepreneurial know-how from working with Kareem (Jay-Zʻs business partner).

Shine Law wants the public to “feel” the meaning of AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND which stands for Always Striving To Do Better,;not being bitch-made (even if you miss your target) and always getting up. The brand is all about focus so each AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND drop incorporates items that can be paired with pretty much anything you have in your closet or you can wear the whole drop together as a fit.

“It isnʻt trendy, it is a staple.” Shine Law States.

“This is a movement with an underlining message. I want it to be educational, black-owned. I want to provide clothing to the community, especially for those who are less fortunate.” Shine Law expressed, whose clothing brand is in the same vein as (the recently late 3/31/19) Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND gives back to the community throughout the year, sometimes twice a month by gathering up used clothes that himself, his lady and any of his partners and friends are not in need of to give back to those who are less fortunate. At least they will be cruising in style. Shine Law plans on working with the homeless more in this manner and dropping off gear in different cities. This business-owner plans on moving to Long Beach, CA soon for a whole new perspective on West-Coast fashion.

Providing West-Coast Gangsta styles from the early ʻ90s, Shine Law puts a positive spin on gentrified street-wear. Right now the focus is on rebranding for AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND. Shine Law recently added L.A. Rapper, Osby-Chill as someone who stands by the AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND and is open to ideas of other sponsorships. Learn more by logging online and visiting the official AKTIVESUPPLYBRAND website.

Urban Apparel Line
Founded by: Shine Law
Location: Oakland, CA
Message: aktivesupplybrand@gmail.com

Social Media/Links:
IG @AktiveSupplyBrand
@ShineLaw Twitter

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