UBOHAMMER Presents: Equipto & The Solidarity Fam Thurs, Nov. 18, Feat. The CUF & DJ Kool Kuts!

3 thoughts on “UBOHAMMER Presents: Equipto & The Solidarity Fam Thurs, Nov. 18, Feat. The CUF & DJ Kool Kuts!

  1. The SledgeHammer Team, one half of UBOHAMMER made the poster for the Nov. 18 show. This is a handprinted poster, created just for the Solidarity Fam show. Pre-order one today and get it mailed to you for $15 OR come out to Laughs Unlimited Thurs. Nov. 18 and pick one up for just $10! We printed a limited amount so let us know if you are interested in advance and we will reserve one for you whether it is mailed or you pick it up Thursday!

    E-Mail shgraffix@gmail.com

    PS: Hit us up if you like what you see and would like a poster for your function, whether it is for a music, art, charity event; even a pub crawl! We all need posters and we got what you need, we are SledgeHammer Graffix, your nieghborhood screen printer! We also offer t-shirts, stickers, handcrafted gift bags, invitations and more!


    1. We still have these posters for sale for $15! Get one! As we continue to make these one of a kind screenprinted posters for events, your time may be running out to get one, or all of them! Soon we will have a website up that shows all of the posters as well as how many are left for sale. This is a special type of functionable art that you should have framed on your wall in your home, office or garage!

      UBOHammer TEAM!


  2. By Aaris A. Schroeder

    More like a private show, The CUF, EQUIPTO [Bored Stiff & Solidarity Records], Mint Rock [Bored Stiff], Mike Marshall, Z-Man and members of the Solidarity Fam, along with DJ KoolKuts & host P.W. Esquire amazed the small crowd in Laughs Unlimited’s large comedy show room, Thurs., Nov. 18

    Crush [The CUF], Bay Area artists P.W. Esquire & Z-Man told jokes that could make your belly ache and your face redden. 17-year-old Lil Nate, N8 the Gr8’s son performed with The CUF. This young one is not new to the scene. He has a rich history of being around The CUF and his lyrical magic blends perfectly his own, new modern sound with hints of N8 and Pete B sprinkled in.

    P.W. Esquire, emcee, Equipto’s manager and also host this evening did an impecable job, announcing who was up next, telling jokes and thanking those who were a part of putting this event together.

    Bay Area artists Mint Rock, Equipto and members of Solidarity Fam, Equipto’s self-started record company jumped to the stage, bringing street hip-hop on a fun tip, entertaining and real!

    The real treat of the evening was Mike Marshall and everyone must admix that when he sang “Rumors” from his group, Time Social Club, goosebumps rose, heads were nodding and lips were moving to the lyrics. To hear this song is one thing, we all sing along to it but to actually hear Marshall in the flesh singing it is more of a blessing and a great gift! Big Meezy’s voice was so man and harmonized so perfectly and with ease, as if he had been singing his whole life, and this is undoubedly true! He sang as if he were just walking through the park viewing the beauty of nature.

    To close the show out, Z-Man jumped up on stage, told some dirty jokes got the “red light” [comedy joke] and performed a few fun songs that had the crowd dancing. His energy was strong, a natural at what he did and an exciting entertainer that will be back to Sacramento soon!

    The crowd may not have been large but the energy of the attendees, the performers and the venue screamed, applauded, danced, smiled and had a great time!


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