Ubo-Hammer Makin’ the News!    SACRAMENTO, CA – SEPT. 11, 2010 – SECOND SATURDAY IN SEPTEMBER showed how the public and the police treat local entertainment and how both react to it. Unfortunately, in the literal cross fires of it all, Victor Hugo Perez Zavala, 24, was shot along with three other victims.  The police want to call this “gang crossfire” according to Sacbee.com but … Continue reading UBO-HAMMER NEWSLETTER: SEPT. 23-29

Ms. Vybe: She’s Got the Spunk

By Kenny Starks Staff Writer By the looks of things Lil Kim and Foxy Brown got something to worry about, if they are still around. A female artist in her own league Ms. Vibe is set to drop her new EP entitled, “Poker Face,” August ‘09.  She will also be releasing a full-length album tentatively titled, “Foundation.”  Born in San Francisco and raised in San … Continue reading Ms. Vybe: She’s Got the Spunk