RealLife ‘Perspective’

Gerald Beamon also known to his fans as RealLife who is a music production staple in the Tacoma, Washington Hip-Hop scene has recently dropped his project “Perspective” and for this writer, it is because of this artist, in particular, that gave me a personal ‘perspective’ and a platform to write about music in the first place. Continue reading RealLife ‘Perspective’

Sapient: Indie Rap Hustle Kingpin

Sapient: Indie Rap Hustle Kingpin By Tyler OneWerd Webb Staff Writer I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been a big fan of Sapient’s (Sandpeople) work for a minute. I’ve always gravitated toward artists that I perceive to be truly “independent.” For me, it means that when I purchase a CD, bump a track or attend a show, all of the pieces of that product are directly … Continue reading Sapient: Indie Rap Hustle Kingpin