How To Get On: Exclusive UBO Curated Spotify Playlist

“The rumor-mills out there are stating that Spotify has been shutting down thousands of accounts who are charging for playlisting. What do you think about charging to be on a playlist? Here at UBO MAG, we don’t play that game. We have an exclusive list that is build through our efforts of artist promotion from those we publish in UBO MAG and clients of UBOMEDIA; part of the HUB which is UBOEntertainment.” By Aaris A. Schroeder, Editor-In-Chief Continue reading How To Get On: Exclusive UBO Curated Spotify Playlist

Sept/Oct Editorial: Gossip Sux

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief I was going to write about how awesome it feels to ride a bicycle around town in lue of Mikey D’Witt’s Arts Feature.  Yet it was at that moment that my mind was sidetracked by so much gossip tumbling around town.  This epidemic should be spoken about.  Living in a tight-knit community such as Downtown Sacramento, you are bound to … Continue reading Sept/Oct Editorial: Gossip Sux