#UBOX10 Edition: i Choose Photography #KPX10

i Choose Photography #KPx10 By Kim Possible Contributing Writer/Blogger So it’s been awhile since I’ve created a Top Ten List of my fave peeps whom I’ve been either following, interacting with for projects, do biz with or just inspire me to shout out just for fun. In the past it was construed of music artists and anyone involved with art, period. ‘Cause that’s what I’m … Continue reading #UBOX10 Edition: i Choose Photography #KPX10

Stimulate Your Life: Rebecca Knoblauch on Photography

By Aaris A. Schroeder August 9, 2011 In the oversaturated business of photography, one person, Rebecca Knoblauch has been able to get through to the other side and she is not stopping there. Knoblauch is best known for her involvement as a photographer in the regional hip-hop community however her passion in photography started at a young age capturing stories through images. “I never wanted … Continue reading Stimulate Your Life: Rebecca Knoblauch on Photography