Get Optimal Speed With SolveIQ

By Stephen “Slyide” Wood
Staff Writer & Lead Marketing Director for UBOENT
Slyide Entertainment (Production/Marketing)

There is so much new technology, programs and apps out there nowadays, it is hard to tell them apart or decipher which ones to get into, so let me tell you about SolveIQ and if you like what we have to say, then you too can request a demo.

A little bit about my background to lay the story out, I have a Quad Core I3 PC. It has 6-GB of RAM and 500-GB of HDD. I am also a music producer, social media marketer and promoter. So, as you can see, my work demands speed, efficiency and responsiveness.

Before SolveIQ, I solely used LoLo System Mechanic professional and now I am able to run it conjunction with SolveIQ. This new program allows me to whitelist SMPRO within SolveIQ and run them for dual protection and speed.

SolveIQ greatly enhanced my startup time, wake from sleep time, performance and speed, responsiveness and my overall workflow. It takes seconds to wake my PC up from sleep mode. Startup is within five-minutes even with the massive amount of files on my hard drive. Plus, the program updated all of my drivers, provides protection against malware and does not use up very much CPU (Central Processing Unit). Now, all of my home studio programs and software is running at optimal speeds and at its prime (for once).

If you are looking for the total package of software to protect, speedup, optimize and bring stability to your desktop or laptop. Look no further than SolveIQ. I have used a lot of software in the past where somethings help and other software just bogs down your computer; however I now know that I am more impressed by SolveIQ than any other system optimization software thus far.

Go request a demo of SolveIQ and see for yourself and like their slogan, “Make your computer a genius.”

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