‘Livin’ His Best Life’ n.e.r.d. by D’Vo Has ‘Swagger From His Father’

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Houston, TX artist n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo takes God very seriously which can be seen in his recent Christian Hip Hop Release, “The Codex, Volume I & II,” where he examines Needing Eternal Redemption and Deliverance (n.e.r.d.) which is a reoccurring theme throughout not only his life but in his solo music and with his soul-fusion and funk band, Global Rhythm.”

The key to D’Vo’s success has been staying anonymous while he produces futuristic, inspiring music blending Hip Hop, jazz and soul with a Southern swag, unique to D’vo which then gets voice-modulated, chopped and screwed. D’vo has several influences including Maxwell known for his smooth crooning music and Tupac who is synonymous for his intricate, meaningful lyricism. Because of this specific blend, D’Vo has received four top-charted songs; while two songs, “Swagger From My Father” and “Elavated Thinking.”

“It is our responsibility to leave an impressionable impact for our listeners, for our children, for our future.” D’Vo states.

“Swagger From My Father” is a futurist Christian banger where D-Vo melodically pairs his voice with the music in song and emceeing. The track is catchy, fun and embraces D’Vo’s adoring love for his heavenly father above. In the video, you will see a Jeep trekking on the beach as he flexes his emcee skills with this heavenly anthem. This song received an award and plaque for its lyricism and anthem-style message about The Lord.

“Swagger From My Father” By n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo. A song about his love and admiration for his Lord.

“Ridin through the city/Open roof and music louda/Flashin on the scene/With the Swagger from my Father/An open View/I’m over you/Ain’t going back, I promise/I’m ova due/A love that’s true/ and done with all this arguing/Live my best life/Doin’ me now, that’s a bargain/Living with Christ/In my hears the only option/Appreciate the real/Cause it’s recognized with order/Ridin’ lookin’ clean/with the Swagger from my Father!” Music “Swagger From My Father By n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo.

Elevated Thinking which also received an award and plaque was produced by TellingBeatz and the lyrical video created by Reginald Henderson is an encouraging missive regarding self-belief and confidence. D’Vo hits his flats with ease and demonstrates his voice in a lovely tenor tone throughout the song which is seemingly relaxing to vibe out to offering a lo-fi hip-hop rhythm that is smoothed out. The lyrical video is simple but with a song like this, the listener can just relax with a pillow behind your head while you contemplate your energy and purpose.  

Global Rhythm consists of musical talent from across the world; Vicky Flint (London), Master Pe (Brazil), OB3ple (Sweden) and of course, D’Vo. The group came together one day when D’Vo came across an instrumental that the band created while he was getting ready to distribute “The Codex.” He contacted the band and let them know he wanted to add something to the instrumental and then One Love was produced which is an out-of-this-world jazzy and funky fusion of instruments and musical notes that is reminiscent of New Orleans.

The band makes its first appearance with “One Love” on his first album, The Codex: I’ve Got Next and then again on his second album, The Codex: Running the Point on the track, Me and My Friends.” The later song is more or less a spoken word-lyrically written song backed by Global Rhythm which is upbeat and ripe. The song has an easy jazzy groove and includes a trumpet solo which salutes the end of the song.

“Halitosis” By D’Vo. A song about Escaping Peer Pressures

“I think we can all agree that we need better content in our music. The kids are listening to us. In this video, I share a story about peer pressure and choosing to run away from it. There’s more to life than materialistic things.” D’Vo explains about his song, “Halitosis.”

D’Vo is quickly progressing as a talent and with the help of Global Rhythm, he may just take the Christian and Hip Hop industry by storm so watch out for “The CODEX: Volume III” coming soon!


Official n.e.r.d. life By D’Vo Website

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