Inspired Music: Gospel Has Charisma

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Gospel and R&B singer and songwriter, Anita Jones who goes by Charisma as her stage name got her start in Pittsburgh, PA and whose goal is to join spirits together universally which she does through her music that is inspired by the power of God.

Starting off in Gospel music, Charisma had no idea her music would lead her into creating R&B and soul music inspired by the Lord. Through this inspiration, Charisma is a seven-times over winner of the Akademia Music Awards who are dedicated to recognizing musical talent across the globe. Every year, artists who are nominated by AMA’s executive music team are invited to their Gala Event that is broadcasted in Los Angeles, CA.

It is very important for Charisma to write and produce music that she considers gifts to those who are searching for more out of life. Some of the themes Charisma writes about are clear in her song titles such as, Love Is Pain,” “Jesus We Love You and You Left Me which was inspired by Destiny’s Child. Her lyrics are not just inspiring by seemingly gravitate towards heartbreak with a sweet beat to keep things light within the tightness of pain.

Charisma Singing her Hit song, Marriedwhich is about the Joys of Marriage

Charisma has not been writing music her entire life however because of her gift of song, she has been able to become a student in the sense of learning how to maintain humbleness while she continues her journey through music. Because of this she was nominated for Artist of The Year and the Executive Award which is the highest honor through The Akademia Music Awards.

Overall Charisma brings deep faith and passion for her Lord into her music along with an understanding of human emotion that has granted her a melodic voice that will sink into your heart and mind. Let Charisma inspire you and help keep your hopes high. You will find Charisma on most online music platforms.

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