J KRISTYLE Management Soon To Debut ‘The Allstar Team Mixtape’

Submitted By James Everett AKA J Kristy
Also Written/Edited By Aaris A. Schroeder

Representing the South, James Everett AKA J Kristyle is the Founder and Operator of J Kristyle Management which currently represents motivational Hip Hop artist Money Matt (Cincinnati, OH) and Mo Money (Memphis, TN); in addition to working with two different models: K.C Girl (California) & Candi Clymaxx (Memphis, TN).

New to the management fold, J Kristyle, who resides in Memphis has cut his teeth in the business wearing other hats such as Promotional and Marketing Campaign Manager for independent brands. Now crafting the sequel, J Kristyle is an intricate part of the arrangement and production of the forthcoming project “The Allstar Team Mixtape” which he has assured everyone on the team that the project will go big. The project dropped at the end of 2019 and fans can look out for Volume II soon!!

Spending his days connecting his artists to opportunities to build awareness of his brand and development as well, J Kristyle is in constant communication with popular DJs, promoters, tastemakers and other executives alike. 

Support J Kristyle Management Artists Mo Money, Money Matt, K.C Girl and Candi Clymaxx on social media; follow J Kristyle Management Social Media for new drops, updates and news!

Kickin’ it with AJ Interview: Shout Out to #StudioPlugMemphis, The Konnected Magazine & The PowerBlock Radio Show. Video Available on J Kristyle Management Youtube Page.


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