Adam Cola Inspires Others With His Activism & New Single, ‘Make Your Mark’

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Canadian singer-songwriter Adam Cola who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA is proud to release his new single, “Make Your Mark” a song he holds dear to his heart as he supports and empowers others who are struggling with self-acceptance and bullying allowing his music to be the shining light for those who need encouragement.

Image of Adam Cola. Photo Provided By EFG P.R.

An activist who is not only using his voice in his music to spread his message of hope and transformation for those whose voices need to be heard, Adam Cola puts in work in the streets as an active ally to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and volunteers frequently with groups such as Dogs Without Borders & the Jewish Queer Straight Alliance (JQ LA) based in Los Angeles.

“I had to go through a lot in order to understand how important it is to be kind to yourself and to be okay with things that you didn’t always think are okay. It is important to love yourself even when you think nobody else can love you.” Montreal-Native artist Adam Cola shares in the beginning of the preview to his new video to debut on Youtube.

 “Make Your Mark,” which is also the name of Adam Cola’s record set to be released early 2021 is dedicated to those who need empowerment. The leading single was released December 4 and is co-written and produced by Grammy Winner Neal H. Pouge known for producing music for artists like Common, TLC and Outkast’s, “Hey Ya!,” where he was integral in track’s sound and so many more artists. The track itself is releases positive energy to its listeners who are on a journey of self-discovery; something that Adam Cola understands firsthand.

“Make Your Mark” the official video of Adam Cola

Starting off with Adam Cola putting on his sunglasses before he gets into his sporty red BMW, the song starts off strong with a dance-groove to get you moving. The best part of the song is the catchy “Make your mark |Play your part” chorus line where Adam Cola can be seen dancing with other male dancers, getting their groove on. Not to be compared to, however if the listener is into artists similar to Prince, Jamiroquai or Justin Timberlake, Adam Cola is for you. He brings the energy, passion and good rhythm to the house with “Make Your Mark,” the official video which you can view above.

Not only did Adam Cola work with the world-renowned Neal H. Pouge; he also is bringing No Dayz Off crew and DJ Anthony Pisano to create what is deems ‘medicine for your soul’ in his biography. The music speaks for itself as a breath of fresh air in the world of pop music. Something we all need a dose of right now.

Adam Cola goes against the grain and status quo with all of his music including popular tracks which gathered over one-million streams online such as Be Free and Dancin’ as well as his 2019 hit releases Stylin’ and Chanel #5.” Listeners will discover a fresh new artist who has a Michael Jackson vibe when he was in his prime with the freshness of Justin Timberlake; of which Adam Cola gets great inspiration, bringing in a sweet flow of danceable pop music with a bit of go-go, rhythmic house-music in the mix.

Adam Cola – Stylin’ Video on Youtube, Released 2019.

Adam Cola’s album, “Make Your Mark,” will be available on all popular streaming platforms and is set to release early 2021 will be a tastemaker’s joy to share with their networks. Take a listen to the first single to drop on the album and get ready to add Adam Cola to your playlists!

Photo of Adam Cola. Image Provided By EFG P.R.


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