Whimsical Illustrator and Storyteller Ansel Grey Tanner Dreams Big With Support On Social Media

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Freelance artist all around, Ansel Grey Tanner who currently lives in Provo, Utah is working on a comic book series right now that illustrates his storytelling and writing capabilities along with his unique drawing capabilities.

Quirky and yet telling, Tanner, born and raised in Sacramento, CA and whose artistic style makes people not only laugh but think about the message in each of his pieces. With drawings that are

Image Provided & Illustrated
By Ansel G. Tanner

simplistic by nature, drawn in with what is around the subject in an almost childlike form, Tanner’s flat drawing come to life; each one with its own personality.

“Sometimes when I need motivation to create, this helps spur me into action. If I can spread some good cheer and laughter, I think I am doing a good thing.” Tanner explains.

Tanner remembers growing up and with his parents’ friends come over for dinner where he would invite them into his world by showing them all of his drawings and ideas. Growing up, Tanner’s reputation for his humorist sketches helped to clarify his mission as an artist. The overwhelming support from those closest to him allowed Tanner the chance to take his work to the next level.

A lot of Tanner’s passions for storytelling come straight from creating epic comic book illustrations, wordless yet still telling a story at the same time. He has not only prepared illustrations for projects but hired other artists to illuminate his own writing projects. Tanner is preparing to send a demo of his work to publishers in hopes of moving to the next level as the author of a comic book series.

Image Provided & Illustrated
By Ansel G. Tanner

This past year, Tanner has boosted his own entrepreneurialism through picking up freelance work illustrating picture books, logos, album covers, blog post illustrations and even home décor artwork.

“I am a storyteller, character creator and writer – as well as a freelance artist,” Tanner thinks about, “One of the first projects I did this year was for a friend [who wrote] a short poem. I offered to illustrate it for her.”

Tanner goes on about the project which was dark by nature; a story by his friend, Madam Swan is about a faerie and a troll, with an old world feel. The name of her project is, “Mirabella The Faerie” and should be released January 2021.

“Anslo Comics” is Tanner’s first attempt at marketing himself on social media as a storyteller and illustrator with his friends’ and family’s support. Finally, Tanners efforts were paying off as those who were fans of his work on Facebook and Instagram showed adoration for his progress in his artistic endeavors and in turn allowed this growing comic illustrator the chance to make money doing what he loves.

Stay up on Ansel G. Tanner in the coming months; motivated by laughter and illustrating with gratitude. A majority of Tanner’s artwork will be found on his Facebook and IG pages, please see the links below and support this artist as I did and pick up one of his many prints that are available.

Image Provided & Illustrated By Ansel G. Tanner
Illustration by Anslo G. Tanner. This magical
unicorn is a print I picked up for my daughter! Perfect image for a little girl!

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