Mogul, Hip-Hop Pioneer-Matriarch Suga-T Goes Against The Grain With Her Over 30-Year & 20th Album Anniversary, ‘The Rapademic’ Proving Wrong The Bias Trend That Is Leaving Women Mature Forgotten & Oppressed


Mogul, Hip-Hop Pioneer-Matriarch Suga-T Goes Against The Grain With Her Over 30-Year & 20th Album Anniversary, ‘The Rapademic’ Proving Wrong The Bias Trend That Is Leaving Women Mature Forgotten & Oppressed

Kapaa, HI, October 15, 2020– Hip-Hop Matriarch Mogul, East Bay Area Author a
Suga-T Has Created An Epic Solution to Change the Narrative for Females By Proving That The 50’s Today, Are Now The New 20’s For Tomorrow Presenting  
T.R.U.T.H.: The Rapademic.”

The Legendary Suga-T is a multi-platinum and gold artist and 1st generation Hip-Hop trailblazer. She started her career in the music industry at a young age, about 36-years ago. Not only is Suga-T the First Lady of her successful and original family trap group, The Click, featuring her brothers E-40, D-Shot and BLegit; she is also admired for the multi-platinum hit song Sprinkle Me.” A true innovator, Suga-T, from the Bay, born in Vallejo, CA, shows proof through her catalog of over 20 solo albums, plus five others with The Click. In turn, Suga-T has featured and written on a variety of underground and commercial releases over the past 36-years.

“It’s about time that another message besides degrading, overtly sexualized and glorified risky behavior gets a chance to be heard.” Suga-T explains, “My album ‘The Rapademic,’ goes against the grain in an industry that is more male-dominated; where younger women are favored and elder generations of women in hip-hop are forced to retire and get thrown under the bus instead of allowing the mature women who serve a well-rounded experience to exist.”

Suga-T has since taken a Hip-Hop Matriarchal position, with a plethora of  experiences, including rearing her own children as a young mother and soon after, a young grandmother, now a grandmother of six. Suga-T has been mentoring and coaching vulnerable women because she understands the trauma that comes with being kicked around and being addressed as never good enough. Sheknows personally what can be a gateway for women and girls who fall through the cracks due to a lack of knowledge or support, peer pressure and modeling risky behavior that appears to seem to be the only way to find success, especially in Hip-Hop. 

Suga-T wrote and published YOUR PERFUME,” a woman’s empowerment guide which includes an empowerment soundtrack; once again stepping out of the arena for what the hip-hop industry normally exonerates. This book includes a sprinkle of tips that empower women to help them better navigate through challenging times. In addition, Suga-T also wrote an economic empowerment book, Boss Up BAYB;” both encouraging mental wellness, freedom and entrepreneurial exploration.

“The Rapademic Album” includes a powerful song and video entitled, WORK along with her latest limited edition fragrance “WORK It,” part of the Sprinkle Me Street Empowerment Fragrance Collection for men and women. Suga-T founded Sprinkle Me Fragrances during a domestically violent relationship during her re-invention of herself for her own wellbeing and also a time with her children that could never be replaced. She also went back to school to acquire a variety of credentials including a Double-Masters Degree in which served as an investment for Suga-T’s future, knowing how risky and flip-floppy the music industry and those involved had become. It also supported Suga-T’s abilities to grow a social enterprise that is still standing strong today.

“FLOWERS,” Suga-T’s single and soon to be released video on “The Rapademic”  holds a powerful narration, inviting deeper conversations to address the real truth about the Hip-Hop Industry that became crashed by strippers, fearful antics, biasness and male bullies. “The Rapademic” will give an opportunity for those to hear parts of the legendary Suga-T’s journey. The album will also give others who are not familiar with her female hip-hop history, in which many women today model after. More than ever “The Rapademic,” clearly proves wrong the myth that older women lose their touch in the industry game that seemingly retires women far earlier than their counterparts. Suga-T’s message in “The Rapademic” gives listeners new and old a well-rounded experience.

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