Zooited Gang Records Share ‘Cheat Code’ By Jaye King & Tay Logan

By Jhantu Randall
Staff Writer

It may be the beginning of autumn, a brand new season however if you need an escape from all of the craziness that 2020 has provided Seattle, Washington-based emcee Jaye King and South Seattle-based rapper Tay Logan, whose music is produced by Zooited Gang Records may have just the right project, ”Cheat Code” just in time for kids getting back into school and even though we at UBO MAG are a little behind as the music was released in June, some albums need time to marinate.

While definitely showcasing summer vibes, the sonically the production feels more impactful during the fall Equinox. From the intro to the opening track, the mood is definitely set. The album consists of Jaye King and Tay Logan going back and forth. The first thing that really stands out is the depth of the production. The sound does not just guide the direction of the verses, instead it merges with the words giving each syllable spit a particular power when it hits.

One of the standouts on this project is track three, Knock it Off.” Setting it off with a smoothly laced piano as the bass accentuates the track, Jaye’s vocals cut through confidently. By the time he hits the chorus, he is accompanied by an infusion of horns. Tay comes through carrying on the vibe Jaye set as they play off each other, seemingly as if passing the ball back and forth on a lyrical give and go.

From there comes Summer Madness which almost plays like a second part to the previous track. The two songs both standout sonically nonetheless song “T.O.Y.S. is a drop that will surely resonate with a good bulk of the listeners. The applause is due to Jaye’s chorus that gives the track its body; the delivery will stick with you for a moment after it ends.

Need It is that classic Tay Logan sound and will give a second breath to an already promising playlist. Moving along, Yeah is a good outro as the song defines the future beyond this. This track categorically defines Jaye’s wordplay which takes center stage lyrically.

The Bonus Track featuring Seattle, WA-based rapper Lady Boss is a great song conceptually. The heavy back and forth between a man and woman in the life of an entertainer is defined and played out within the lyrics of this song. The Bonus Track could have been cliché however it is here where everyone seems to be at their sharpest as its a 1-2 counter hit between each of these artists. The best part of this album is its replay value. The sound digs deep allowing Jaye to reach another level in his songwriting; the comfort in which he spits shows that a good portion of this was done in-house.

These two talented emcees have the ability to elevate each or their artists while capturing the part of their abilities that allows them to fully let loose. If each project builds on top of what this one offered, then I may agree that both Jaye King and Tay Logan hold the ‘Cheat Code.’

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