Bay Area Ghostwriter ChuckT Transforms into Ash DaBlunt Once More and ‘Puts In The Work’

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Bay Area emcee Ash DaBlunt is not your average rapper; he comes from a multi-cultural Northern California background which includes Jamaican, Creole and Indigenous American roots so it is no wonder his new, self-recorded, mixed and mastered and energizing track, “Put In The Work” has gained applause by many.

Going by his other moniker, ChuckT, Ash DaBlunt has been ghostwriting for other artists around Northern-CA for years. Finally, Ash DaBlunt found the time to write and record his own music, blending the cultures of which he comes from, using stories from his indigenous background to relate to his fans and the culture of hip-hop.

Ash DaBlunt, whose production label is P.U.$.H. Entertainment, offers a style reminiscent of ‘90s Bay Area Hip-Hop as well as some southern rap drawls, giving a street feel with strong lyrics painting stories about his heritage as a Creole-American, defined as mixed American ethnicity, culture and language. Ash DaBlunt took a break from producing his own music a couple years back to focus on being ChuckT once again; writing and producing for other artists, while he prepared for the release of his first album, “Focus On The Real,” released in 2017.

Thereafter, Ash DaBlunt opened up his own recording studio Rich City Studios in Richmond, CA, following many before him working with talent in the surrounding area. Rich City Studios released a compilation album, “Bay Area Underground” in the first half of 2020, garnering a 5th place ranking at Thizzler in February. This inspired Ash DaBlunt to continue his own musical process, releasing a solo single, “Put In The Work,” produced by M3 Beatz.

“Put In The Work,” upon first listening pulls the same emcee styling as Bootz Riley from The Coup with a more modern flow, offering an optimistic track that uplifts others to work hard whether it is for a paycheck, getting in shape or any personal goal you have to ‘work’ for. The song has more of an anthem-flair and is resonant of getting things done while having fun. Ash DaBlunt has more to offer when it comes to his own music, so look out for it on the many music and social platforms below.


Images of Ash DaBlunt Provided By P.U.$.H. ENT.

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