‘Ride With Me;’ New Drop By TentCity Artist Shayn The RapSmith

Shayn The RapSmith

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Shayn The RapSmith; born and raised in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and now part of Northern CA’s TentCity Recordings, may not have all the answers to life however his music is a testament to his own personal struggles and triumphs while he figures it out, continually making good music.

Photos By Ricky Canez, Provided By TentCity Recordings. Shayn The RapSmith During The Video Shoot for ” Ride With Me.”

Remembering when his cousin took him to a music session 13-years-ago, Shayn now has over 12-years of experience in the independent music scene honing his craft by microphone in a recording booth.  It is evident from his own history in music that Shay has dived deep into becoming the wordsmith he is. So it is no wonder that his new song, “Ride with Me” featuring Nytelife, C.E.O. of Tent City Recordings out of Oakland, CA is poppin’ with fresh bars. Shayn comes with it lyrically bringing a melodic double-time delivery while keeping it real with Nor-Cal flava where he is from.

The music video for “Ride With Me” was produced by Tent City Artist Mike Strange, C.E.O. of Secret Level Films. The beat starts off with Shayn riding his bike through a neighborhood then flashes into a private club affair where the homies can be seen smoking herb and enjoying themselves. The pane switches just as fast to the homies kicking it with their cars at a night spot in Roseville where the video was shot.

Tent City Recordings: Shayn the Rapsmith of Tent City Recordings hits the streets with new single “Ride With Me” featuring Nytelife. From his upcoming album “W.I.L.L.” Shayn is determined to show the world that he is one of the best. Over the energetic production from Sandman, Shayn and Nytelife trade bars and bring the party out doors! Video shot by Secret Level Films. https://fanlink.to/tcrridewithme Follow at IG – @shayntherapsmith @nytelife3200 @tentcityrecordings @secretlevelfilms

Shaye can be heard bustin’ bars and running the hook with Nytelife following up with true Bay-style grit as the featured artist on the track. Nytelife showcases his seasoned hip-hop style staying to the fast-paced emcee runs Shayn trends with in the track. “Ride With Me” is fresh, lively and would be a great addition to any hip-hop DJ’s repertoire of music they play at the club or the station.  

“A man that has never really had the world figured out but is trying to find his way through the smokescreen every day.” Shayn shares that he has discovered his own path in the independent music industry and in life, in general. Shayn sees himself as “A man that has been through a lot of pain and disappointment but chooses to find a reason to succeed and create his own definition of happiness.”

Photos By Ricky Canez, Provided By TentCity Recordings. Shayn The RapSmith During The Video Shoot for ” Ride With Me.”

Much of Shayn’s musical influence comes from listening to artists like Lil Wayne, T.I. and Eminem during the early 2000’s when he was younger. Nowadays he rocks artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Tyler the Creator on his player; each of these rappers attack their bars with dope punchlines, keeping their story lines genuine and relatable topics to the times.

In a similar twist, Shayn studied their lyricism which led himself to find his own path inspired by these stand out emcees. It is easily seen in Shayn’s style how he stands out from the rest; in a region where new rappers are born seemingly every day. Shayn’s music stands up loud and with the energy that is needed during these times in history.

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