Trevionne The Rapper: The Context of ‘No Text’  

By Jhantu Randall
Staff Writer

Preface of Our Times
Let us face it, over the past few months the world has gone into lockdown and our daily routines have ceased to exist. Moving like factory pieces, we go to our predetermined destinations which may have many seeing the sky through a slightly dystopian lens as each day furthers the monotony. However, there are still artists out there, moving in silence under the cover of darkness and solitude organizing their next project. Even though citizens all over the world are quarantined, we are still here in America, quantifying; regardless of the conditions, there is still money to be made so long as you are crafty in finding it.

Trevionne The Rapper
With this in mind, the story begins with Seattle, Washington rapper Trevionne jetting to his next location to do a video for his next single, “No Text.” The video begins on location in Scottsdale, Arizona where Trevionne has linked up with a rapper who goes by the name of Ace Gamble. A few private dancers are already getting the party started when Trevionne and his crew enter the house where the cinematographic recording will commence. The video narrative and literal scene takes on a double enigma; within exclusivity, highlighting the entire storyline of ‘getting the party started,’ showcasing how truly dedicated artists are still maneuvering within the industry while the rest appear to be led aimlessly or frozen in fear.

Ace Gamble immediately kicks it off by rhyming his introduction into the song with a flow that makes the listener sit and pay attention. His lyrical schemes and delivery interact with the drum and piano loops in such a way it is as if the beat was made specifically for him.

‘I’m making it so easy but really this shit insane | I aint making a dumb face but I’m alive, so I can’t complain,’ was one of the standout bars in Ace’s verse.

Following up with Trevionne’s rhetoric, ‘No call, no text, bitch, no reply | You be on the internet when it’s time to slide | No call, no text, bitch, no reply. | If you ain’t talking money than bitch, bye.’

From there Trevionne falls into his verse matching the energy and keeping the momentum that Ace Gamble started. The verse describes Tre and Gamble’s moves during this lockdown; basically breaking down how they are still putting their funds together to continue the journey as they both add to the stock of their own visions.

Throughout the video, you see Trevionne advertising his clothing line, WrongTree which is proving that music is just the foundation in which Trevionne diversifies his ventures and finds other ambitious business goals through the industry as it stays during this time.


“No Text” sums up Trevionne’s execution of his ever-expanding business as he and his team continually find ways to create new opportunities all while maneuvering in seemingly radio silence. We are entering a time where people are still attracted to the myth of the ‘flash, glitz and glamour’ but then again, there are others who are willing to read the blueprint in longevity. An artist like Trevionne consistently shows new ways to stay relevant in the industry all while telling you how he does it within the musical tracks he showcases.

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