RealLife ‘Perspective’

By Jhantu Randall
Staff Writer

Gerald Beamon also known to his fans as RealLife who is a staple in the Tacoma, Washington Hip-Hop scene; known more for his production than his music and has recently dropped his music project “Perspective” and for this writer, it is because of this artist, in particular, that gave me a personal ‘perspective’ and a platform to write about music in the first place.

When it comes to those who reach for the spotlight through their music it is common to picture someone who is willing to do almost anything to get their moment. 71585755_2769181806455088_8779392617403121664_nThus it is refreshing to come across an artist like RealLife who puts out music and shares their passions through countless other avenues while at the same time never going out of their way to draw attention to themselves.

Reallife is not just a recording artist, he is a part of his community and spends a lot of his time performing locally some of his most popular tracks that seemingly have the most impact on his fans. The translation from the recording of “Perspective” seems to exemplify and radiate the same energy and passion through his live performances.

The intro to the album uses samples from various movies and shows such as The Boondocks which lends a hand in spelling out RealLife’s vision before he even spits a single bar. From there RealLife showcases that being humble can still allow the emcee to be fierce as an opponent on the mic.

Album Artwork Provided By Gerald Beamon.

The second track on “Perspective,” “Black Privilege” is a song that spells out the experience that black people in America face on a daily
basis. The song itself will definitely leave the listener with something to think about if
nothing else.

“Studious” and “Born Alone” both give glimpses into RealLife’s thought process as he reveals
bits and pieces of his experiences in life. Each song gives you a detailed look into what it is
that drives RealLife to continue to stay on his own path; building upon it.

The last two tracks on “Perspective,” “No Strings Attached” and the closing track, “Grand Scale Dreamer” help end the E.P. nicely and leave the listener wanting to hear more ‘perspective’ from RealLife who may have finally put himself in the emcee conversation to an audience who may not have been aware before.

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