U4L Goyard: South Carolina Raised Me; Atlanta Made Me

By Miriah Stacy
Staff Writer

U4L Goyard is an upcoming rapper, producer and songwriter from Atlanta, GA although he split the earlier years of his life in Orangeburg, SC where he was born, then moving to Charleston, SC where he was raised.

“South Carolina raised me and Atlanta made me;” which is a phrase Goyard coined.

Living in Atlanta since he was 12-years-old, he knew he wanted something great to come out of his life. Goyard started rapping because he fell in love with hip-hop as a kid where he dreamed of making

Image of Goyard U4L Provided By Miriah Stacy.

music and playing football. These became his passions.
Consistently sticking with his choices would lead him to success.

Goyard U4L’s name is a bit complex, let’s break it down: the
U4L” in his name stands for “up4life” which was created by
some of his fellow emcee affiliates: Luh Dino & U4L Dre. The “U”
in the abbreviation means “unity,” the “P in the abbreviation
means “prosperity” and lastly, the L in the abbreviation stands
for “loyalty.”

Goyard, still young and fresh in the rap game; nevertheless, he
plans to make his mark. Dec ‘19 marks the date when Goyard
began making moves by releasing his first song: ‘Perfect Timing”
featuring DCN Moe & 4Kali April 20. Currently, Goyard is
working on his first full project which is called “First Take.” To
learn more about where to purchase U4L Goyard’s music and learn more him as an artist, check out his links below.

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SnapChat: goyard_29

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