The Green Scene: Equity & Stigmatizing People of Color in Humboldt County in Cannabis News, Episode #2

By Aaris A. Schroeder

This episode of The Green Scene TV is about equity programs that are being given out across the country. In the second episode, Cannabis Journalist and founder of The Green Scene TV, Brent Green gets vital information about criminalizing cannabis farmers in the past.

“Humboldt County has been a cannabis ‘drug war zone’ (Campbell, 2007) longer than any other urban or rural locations in the state, since it was here that the hippies and Vietnam War veterans first made sinsemilla cannabis a domestic ‘cash crop’ (Raphael, 1985; Anderson, 1987),” according to a statement submitted by the Humboldt County Cannabis Equity Assessment Program that Green showcased in this second episode of The Green Scene TV.

What does this mean? It means that there are stigmatizing situations arising because of the cannabis industry and in line with the “war on drugs” that will be covered in this video and what Green calls the “intersection between Cannabis and Blackness.” There is so much great info in this nearly 11-minute report including mentions of UBO MAG as we sent Green questions about his research and reporting and are looking for answers as well. In this episode, Green answers one of our in-depth questions.

UBO: Do you feel that this is a type of systematic racism and how can those in the cannabis industry become aware of this and more sensitive to how they hire people and take care of those they have working under them?

From the research found, Green will explain that this is a systemic issue in not only the cannabis industry but in most industries. He also follows up, imploring cannabis farmers to hire not out of pity but hire from the heart. It may not be an easy feat to stop racism in these industries however for those out there who are not a part of the system need to take the lead in this area and be a leader in your own community.

Take a listen and please share this with your friends. We would love to know what you think below as well. If you would like to support Brent Green in his Cannabis Journalism on The Green Scene TV, please show your support by subscribing to his channel below. Green wants to thank everyone who has donated to their recent fundraiser as well.

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