Staten Island’s The Truth Releases Seasonal-Inspired Albums as a Series: Currently in Rotation is ‘Winter’


Staten Island’s The Truth Releases Seasonal-Inspired Albums as a Series: Currently in Rotation is ‘Winter’

Kapaa, HI, February 27, 2020 – Building Up Momentum Similar to the Weather, Staten Island’s best come back artist, The Truth Spits About The Reality of the Struggle on the Second Installment of his Seasonal-Inspired Albums with “Winter,” Released January 2020.

The weather has been in an all-out freak-mode all year so born-and-bred in Brooklyn, NY turn Staten Island recording artist The Truth is doing what he can by bringing some stability to these times with raw and rugged lyricism. The album itself baring witness to what The Truth has left behind and his entrance back on the scene as a bars-driven emcee with tracks like “WU-Shit” and “Cold Winter” produced by Boger.

The track “Cold Winter” can be seen on The Truth’s YouTube page and while the lyrics are spoken through his teeth, showing grit and raw bars, The Truth offers a true anthem-style hook while “Wu-Shit, produced by Sixxdigits is a track reminiscing about one of Staten Island’s biggest hip-hop collectives. Currently, The Truth is sitting on 15K of music streams, mainly from Apple Music however, The Truth is available for purchase or streams on most streaming platforms for music such as Spotify and GooglePlay.

“Coming from Staten Island, I knew I had to pay homage to the WU-TANG Clan.” States The Truth whose album is produced by Sixx Digits, “Paying homage is a big deal to me.”

The Truth’s major influence for this project is Antonio Vivaldi, a mid-17th-century composer known for his musical compositions entitled, “Quattro Stagioni” which is defined as “The 4 Seasons.” The idea of producing seasonal musical projects prompted The Truth to action.

The Truth is back after a short hiatus following his first release “Wasted Talent,” in ’13 and after taking some time off to start a family, he released “WA2TED,” summer ’19. The hip-hop artist, who is influenced by “Quattro Stagioni” released the seasonal transition with “Autumn” Sept. ’19. Because of his skill level and ambition for success, it was no wonder that The Truth won best artist at “The Bosses of Shaolin,” a Staten Island music showcase and contest, the same month.

Because of the win, The Truth was the buzz on the town and it opened up the doors for other opportunism such as a one-on-one interview at the infamous Hot97 studio for a listening session with HipHip Mike.

“This was probably one of the most memorable moment(s) for me so far. Just to be in the building with so much history to me was incredible,” explains The Truth in an interview with UBO MAG, whose experience was prompted after a conversation with Kim Coco who organized the session.

The Truth is currently preparing for the rest of the seasons to complete his four-season project, managed by MLM Entertainment, LLC. The Truth’s next album is due to be released May 2020 and he is currently looking for event bookings and interviews. The Truth believes that everyone has a story and his goals in the industry are to not only make dope tracks but to mentor youth who are in HipHop culture.

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