Staten Island’s Own ‘The Truth’ is Reemerging as Raw & Rugged

By Aaris A. Schroeder

A child of Brooklyn, New York, The Truth, who now resides on Staten Island; a place known for producing great talent like The Wu-Tang Clan, started out as a youth learning drums and keyboard from his uncle who was in an alt-rock band in the ‘80s. This gave light to the beginning of The Truth’s music career which started 12-years-ago.

Images Provided By MLM Entertainment by way of The Truth, February 2020

.The Truth has always been a fan of hip-hop, starting with a memory a lot of hip-hop fans remember, the day that the Notorious B.I.G. passed away. The Truth remembers reading articles and listening to news reports and this research and learning about this hip-hop legend is what helped inspire The Truth to pursue hip-hop himself.

Following his first mixtape released in ’13 on Soundcloud entitled, “Wasted Talent,” featuring tracks like “Fuck ‘Em All,” The Truth put music aside to start a family only to return six years later, July ’19 with his second project, “WA2TED,” featuring his single, “Where I’m From,” produced and directed by RedKoi Productions. This picked up his momentum when the creative juices began to be stirred with his third project that is influenced by mid-1700-century composer, “Antonio Vivaldi. His project, entitled, “Quattro Stagioni” which is defined as “The 4 Seasons,” gave The Truth the idea to write his third project, “Autumn.”

The Truth’s, “Where I’m From” video Produced by Boger. Video by Salvo Productions.

“The Bosses of Shaolin” a showcase that judged talent accordingly on August 22,’20 was what really helped to streamline and push The Truth forward as a hip-hop artist. After The Truth won the entire showcase, his name became the big buzz in hip-hop on Staten Island. Because of the win, The Truth had the chance to sit in the Hot97 studio for a listening session with HipHop Mike.

“That was probably one of the most memorable moment(s) for me so far. Just to be in the building with so much history to me was incredible.” Shares The Truth who gives tribute to Kim Coco for organizing the entire meet and greet

“The Truth” Music Video, “Cold Winter” Produced By Boger & Salvo Productions.

The momentum is building and building for The Truth as he has now released his fourth music project, an album appropriately called, “Winter” since it recently dropped January ’20 and sticking with the Antonio Vivaldi theme. The Truth shows his teeth with gritty, raw lyrics, bars that can reach to new heights. He starts off with the track, “Cold Winter,” produced by Boger and Salvo Productions and is about the truth of the game of life and his struggle to survive in it as he sings, “Cold Winter” in an anthem-style hook. Other songs featured on the album is the dedication song to WU-TANG called, “WU Shit” and “Staten’s Frontline,” featuring Dro Pesci.

The Truth’s “WU-Shit,” featuring Dro Pesci. Video produced by Salvo Productions.

“Coming from Staten Island I knew I had to pay homage to the WU-TANG Clan. So Sixx Digits produced this record and I went off. I really took RZA’s Range Rover when I was 16 [years-old] and lived to tell the tale,” The Truth remembers as he chuckles and gives props where props are deserved, “Salvo Productions directed the video. He’s the best on Staten Island. Paying homage is a big deal to me.”

Another hip-hop artist that The Truth likes to reference or pay homage to is mixtape rapper Stacks Bundles who was fatally shot June 11, ’07 outside of his apartment complex by unknown assailants. The emcee was apparently gaining speed locally in Queens, NY and beyond as he had just won a bidding war to become a part of Jim Jones’ (MOB) Byrd Gang and has performed with others such as Fabolous, D.J. Clue, Joe Budden and others before being shot.

“Not only did we lose a member but we lost a brother and a friend. Stack Bundles was a joy to be around, charming, very intelligent, compassionate and concerned about the upliftment and enrichment of his community and the people in it,” according to ByrdGang manager, Yandy Smith in an interview with MTV News (June 11, 2007).

Images Provided By MLM Entertainment by way of The Truth, February 2020

“It’s, like, jealousy.” According to a neighbor of his at the time, Lenay Jamison, in an interview by New York Times (June 12, 2007) who saw signs of vandalism to Stack Bundle’s Porsche, a true sign of financial success, bullying and haterism. This type of attitude is something that The truth would like to see vanish in the industry and from so-called fans or haters who want to bring down artist’s success.

Similar to free-stylists or battle rappers, many emcees use music creativity to release mounting emotions or struggles in life but you won’t see The Truth battling any time soon although he does have tremendous respect for the craft and the art of battling. Writing and producing music is just another way to release tension, similar to playing a sport or working out. Especially while living in times like these, everything seems to be cut-throat and people must play by the rules in order to succeed according to the record labels. What these large entities somehow forget is that it isn’t about the bottom line, it is about the release and the struggle, the survival and the triumphs as an artist.

“It’s always been about the release. After writing something personal, and in depth, it’s always made me feel better. It’s like having a therapist without paying $250 an hour.” The Truth explains his writing process and the real meaning behind producing his music, as he prepares to drop two more E.P.’s.

He really seems to understand his fan base as well. With tenacious rhymes and prolific bars, The Truth’s listeners are people just like him. The Truth writes from the perspective of a grown man who has made it out of his particular situation and can live to share the story.

Images Provided By MLM Entertainment by way of The Truth, February 2020

“Everyone has a story. So these are the people that I resonate with the most,” The Truth shares who would like to eventually become somewhat of a mentor for young people in hip-hop.

With all this focus on production of music, The Truth still finds time to perform here and there especially now that he is signed to MikeLoco’s MLM Entertainment LLC since February ‘20. And frankly, according to the man himself, The Truth build’s momentum by spacing out his performances. He recognizes that he is still an up-and-coming artist and with this honesty, he is using it to his advantage in the booking arena.  The Truth’s core circle includes emcees Savino and Fligga and he looks forward to performing with MIGS718 and Sub Y.O. who are also a part of MLM.

“I can rap in any style, pick up my tempo or slow it down. It doesn’t matter. Put a beat on and I am catching a body!” says The Truth.

The Truth is getting ready to drop his E.P., “Spring” to follow suite with his other recent projects and to be promoted through MLM Entertainment. The Truth is currently looking for bookings and interviews for his upcoming E.P. releases.

Images Provided By MLM Entertainment by way of The Truth, February 2020

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Images Provided By MLM Entertainment by way of The Truth, February 2020

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