Timothy Rhyme on ʻGood Music People Can Relate Toʻ

Timothy Rhyme
Los Angeles, CA
Single Review: “Jump”
Release Date: May 2019

By Aaris Schroeder

Timothy Rhyme whose start in HipHop began in Sacramento, CA where he released many dope singles such as … and …. Since then, he has re-rooted with his daughter to Los Angeles where he has had a fresh start and is now releasing some new, fresh tracks such as, “Jump,” released … (date).

Official Timothy Rhyme Single, “Jump” Released May 2019. Image Contributed By Timothy Rhyme

“I just always wanted to make good music that people can relate to. I think the thing that changed was my expectations.” Timothy voices. “I am planning on releasing a few more singles this year.”

The next single to be released is still in the works but will be released by the end of the summer. In the meantime, “Jump;” Timothy’s newest single, is about focusing on your own personal growth, “trusting in yourself because you’re good.” as Timothy voices in the beginning of the new track.

This song is an anthem to starting over and remembering to lose all those vices and things that have been holding you back during this time in your life of exponential growth.

“It’s not so scary” he rhymes with ease. Timothy doesn’t forget his HipHop roots as he raps, “Jump” in the chorus; a throwback to House of Pain there is even mention of Roberta Flack, remembering the personal yet public pain in the track, “Killing Me Softly.” The beat produced is pure HipHop with anthem style bars to boot.

Promotional Image Contributed By Timothy Rhyme

“I wanted to take over the world. I never felt like I would be able to do that in Sacramento so I moved to L.A. and got busy. The desire and passion [for music] never left. I just had to make sure my family secure. Now that I have accomplished that goal, I have been able to carve out more time to make music,” Timothy iterates.

Seemingly a private track about his own growth, Timothy shares that no matter what, he will not be able to give up music. The hook catches hard as Timothy brings forth the words, “Take a leap and trust that you will land on your feet. All you gotta do is jump! Tell them snakes goodbye, Iʻma teach you to fly.”

The end of the melodic motif shows that Timothy is now ready to share how success can be found from within. Timothy wants to create music that the universe can resonate with and of course just seeing his kid’s face is pure motivation to keep it going.

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