Poet & Journalist Jhantu Randall Shares ʻPrice of Entryʻ From His Collection of Poetry

Poet Biography

Jhantu Randall, born April 14, ʻ85 overseas in India, grew up in Washington State and began writing at a very young age. While always keeping a journal of ideas, it was not until ʻ09 that he decided to start writing his first book, “Transition” which was later published in ʻ13. “Caught In The Moment: A Collection of 30 Poems Calming the Rage Within” followed in ʻ19. Continuing to write, he hopes to capture an idea that could turn into future books.

Price of Entry

Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave

Come and enjoy your stay

As choices and decisions now start to give way

Walking contradictions surrounded by the same debates

Holding onto opportunities given in the

thinly veiled Police State

Fanatics from every end of the spectrum

The riots cause the foundations to shake

Charlatans take the stage and scream loud

to present their displays

Through all the double speak,

how many can decipher the words that they say?

Everyone take a knee

Bow down to the almighty dollar

As it controls all aspects of life then why is it the

only measurable growth is, urban squalor?

In harsh times, weak and desperate minds search for a savior

Too busy keeping an awkward eye on your neighbors

But pay attention to the person behind the curtain

who is an expert at controlling your behavior

So they intentionally keep us all in a state of perpetual fear

People will do unspeakable things if they’ve been convinced that the end is near

–Jhantu Randall

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