Va-Mo Radio Interviews UBO MAG Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Aaris A. Schroeder

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Not to toot my own horn, this is news so I am going to share it proudly. UBO MAGʻs own Aaris A. Schroeder; thatʻs me if you didnʻt catch on thus far, has recently been interviewed for an online radio show called “Va-Mo Radio” by one of its elite Production Manager and Radio DJ, Vanessa Morgan, based out of Chicago, Ill.

This interview came across my desk after I had began networking with Morgan via e-mail. We quickly found that our puzzles could be solved by helping each other through a unique partnership that fans of UBO, Va-Mo Radio and POZE Productions & Distribution will soon come to find useful by assisting their career in the arts.

During the interview, I discuss the services that UBO offers such as public relations, marketing, event organizing and, of course, UBO MAG and the history behind it. If you are not aware of how UBO MAG came to be, this is a great interview-video to watch.

I would really appreciate some feedback and critiques about the interview and what I had to say during the interview.

Thank you for listening in to this UBO MAG Va-Mo Radio interview by Vanessa Morgan of POZE Productions. Please check out POZE Productionʻs website to learn more about how POZE works with artists, performers and entertainers. POZE is on most social media platforms, as is Va-Mo Radio. Also, look forward to reading a special feature story here at UBO MAG about Miss Vanessa Morgan.

Poze Productions
Va-Mo Radio

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