Rusty Wright Band: Push Play For Another Dimension in Blues

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Upon first listening to Rusty Wrightʻs Band and their new single, “No Manʻs An Island,” I feel like I am in another dimension where I sit with friends adorned in leather and motorbikes parked out front of the ranch on a warm, summer night. Friends drinking local wine and having of supper of antipasto and some really good wet-BBQ braised whole chicken and pork ribs. Children dancing in the background, dogs chasing each other while the Rusty Wright Band played live behind us as the sun fell on the West.

The Rusty Wright band, formed in ʻ04 by Rusty and his wife, Laurie Wright is a Billboard “Top 10 Recording/Touring Act” that is made up, in conjunction of noteworthy musicians bassist, Nic Allen (Of Winter Haven), drummer, Chris America (Of Clearwater) and B3 organ player, Dennis Toerpe (New Port Richey).


Rusty, front-man and songwriter for the band, decided to not follow any of the cookie-cutter methods to music that just lands you on the radio but by following his artistic sense by which lengthening songs and breaking musical rules. His aesthetic rebellious heart built this music to the entrance and open your mind, artistically speaking, of course.

“The lyrics speak of sadness, of feeling apart, and longing for a place where you feel like you belong, like a castaway on an island who through no act or fault of their own has been placed apart from the rest of the world,” Rusty says matter-of-factually.

This month, The Rusty Wright Band is releasing “Mississippi Mud,” an ode to what I like to call Mountain Delta Blues.

Yes, this album is that kinda music, just a blues-roots meets rock & roll kinda night. You must listen to Rusty Wright and his band to see what vision you receive from another dimension, planet or island.


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