ʻEND FR8 Project Film Premiere Boasted To Be The Next West-Coast ʻStyle Warsʻ

Film Premiere: END FR8 PROJECT
Film Director: Daniel Pedersen
E-Mail: ENDFR8Project@gmail.com Official Website:
Social Media: @endfr8project #endfr8project

ʻEND FR8 Project Film Premiere Boasted To Be The Next West-Coast ʻStyle Warsʻ

Sacramento, CA, Feb 15, 2018 — Independent Graffiti-Art Film, “END FR8 Project” Will Premiere March 10, For The First Time at The Historical Colonial Theatre in Oak Park; a Sub-Division of Downtown Sacramento, Showcasing Many of The Great And Late Graffiti Writers Since The ʻ90s to The Modern Era.

This film features Sacramento’s very own “Entering New Dimensions” crew [E.N.D. Crew], concentrating heavily on West Coast graffiti-styles behind the scenes while spotlighting top work from international artists abroad, all found on freight trains.

There is no other documentary like “E.N.D. FR8 Project,” until now. Exploring the underground world of graffiti on freight trains, “END FR8 Project” will potentially draw a full crowd of art and culture-enthusiasts in a region thick with artistic perceptive.

Tickets are available at Ticket Source through the official ENDFR8Project.com website. Potential viewers who would like to sponsor or book “END FR8 Project” at a specific venue or in their city are encouraged to inquire. Doors open at 6:00 P.M. and will be hosted by DJ Rated R and El Conductor with live music by Live Manikins. Film begins at 7:30 P.M. and is approximately 90-minutes. Early arrival is recommend. Post viewing party will be held at the Oak Park Brewery, just down the street.

Film Director, Daniel Pedersen is responsible for collecting and organizing “END FR8 Project” along with Andrew Lozano, a Nor-Cal music producer, designer who founded Freqy Music Group. KRIMETIME (graffradio.com) a popular graffiti podcast interviewed the latest and greatest writers for this film documentary such as Gigs, Deone, Mynas, Redes, Drone and Sushi.

The film will be a unique visual-audio experience developed through historical photographic film with exclusive, new, modern coverage of art passing through the Golden State on freights.

Music from local producers, djs, bands and emcees are featured throughout the film. Artists such as Andrew Lozano, Antbeatz, B-Original, Beast Inside Beats, DJ Billy Lane, Cold Trap, Dicer, DJ Epik, El Conductor, Fearo153, iLLusion, Jern Eye, Joshua Marquez, Kodac Visualz, Kosmic Four, Live Manikins, Malcom Overflow, Maxwell McMaster, Nate Curry, Reason, Sbvce, Setwon, Starve and more will all be heard while visualizing graphic content. No pun intended.

A musically inspired film, featuring some of California’s best graffiti artists, concentrating on West-Coast freight trains as their traveling canvas. This graffiti experience is a peak within the last few decades of the Wild West’s graffiti-art culture on freight trains. The cast, crew and all those involved have put in sleepless hours while working day in and day out shooting, piecing together, producing and getting the word out about this event with the potential of becoming the latest West-Coast “Style Wars.”

Entering New Dimensions through this film is EMERging as an epicenter of music, art and culture. A distinct, interwoven, multicultural influence balances us. Our diversity is unique in the world and our strength, the inner-artist, is our passion. This is what impacts the youth and those with empowering messages while transcending borders.

If you’d like more information about END FR8 PROJECT you can email endfr8project@gmail.com or visit endfr8project.com For all other press inquiries (interviews, press passes, interviews with performers), please contact Aaris A. Schroeder of UBO P.R. & Marketing Services by calling (808) 519-8196 or e-mailing ubohammer@gmail.com. Event information can be found at http://www.ENDFR8Project.com



Stickers and T-shirts available for Sale at Premiere. Please Visit ENDFR8Project.com for information about the event and tickets. March 1, last day to purchase $10 online/$15 at the door. Un-Rated. Bring the Whole Family.

March 1, 6 PM (Pacific-Standard Time) “Beats Rhymes and NiteLife” will be interviewing Producers of #ENDFR8PROJECT

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