Hip-Hop, Soul and a Little Bit of Blues: Marv Ellis in, “Mental Picture Machine”

Artist: Marv Ellis
Album: “Mental Picture Machine”
Produced/Mastered By: Justin Higgins For Old Standard Sound

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Mellowed out hip-hop, bringing soul and positive vibes back into underground hip-hop is what Oregon-born emcee Marv Ellis is all about.

“What kind of skills you be spitting?” says Ellis on, “What’s Hip?!” Brought fresh with lyricism as Marv Ellis brings Gift of Gab [Blackalicious] to the table in this piece.

“Mr. Mista” shows Marv Ellis’ skills to flow appropriately while telling a story worth listening to.

“Loosing My Mind” featuring Acoustic Minds, frees your heart and soul and can set you to go. Marv Ellis brigs hip-hop, blues and soul throughout each song.

Marv Ellis is currently 12 albums deep so get to know more about this talented emcee by checking out www.marvellis.com.

Marv Ellis

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