Poetry By Aaris A. Schroeder; “UBO MAG”


UBO Wants

UBO Needs

UBO Can’t

UBO Will



UBO Won’t

UBO challenges

UBO finds

UBO researches

UBO Writes

UBO is Loved

UBO is neglected

UBO Neglects

UBO Affects

UBO Affairs

UBO Public

UBO Fair

UBO Supports

UBO On Nothing

UBO Thanks You

UBO Doesn’t Accept

UBO Won’t Appeal

UBO Just Finds

UBO Factors Talent Over Dolla$

UBO is a Step

UBO; true talent found

Even if You Are Wack

At least the Review


UBO and You

For Them


    1. Thank you so much. This poem was interesting to write, even though it looks super simple. I had to piece together each line by thinking about statements and using two-four words from each statement. I didn’t prewrite the statements, I just did it in my head For instance, UBO MAG also conducts Public Relations. So you get the line, “UBO Relates, UBO Affairs” – Affairs because we have affairs with other people. “UBO Doesn’t Accept” is derived from, “UBO doesn’t accept negativity but we find those who are real “Even if you are wack” a line later on.. hope this makes sense.

      I wrote another poem called, “What If” and “What if Love Is Rewritten” that follows the same map. “What if I never saw your gentle eyes” “What if my skin never felt by his” This is where the second line, where I say, “…by his” actually follows the last word from the line before…”What if my skin never felt by his eyes.” but may appear to be a different word. Word Play!

      I wrote that when I was 16 and then again when I was 18. If I can find it, I will type it up and share.

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