“The Effort” & “Analog in a Digital World” By Runt Rock & J*Rock It of Live Manikins

“The Effort” & “Analog in a Digital World”
By Runt Rock & J*Rock It
Part of the Pangea Project & Live Manikins Crew

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Two parts of a whole, Runt Rock and J-Rock of Live Manikins show progressive hip-hop a one-two punch in their double EP special release, “The Effort,” featuring Runt Rock and “Analog in a Digital World” by J-Rock, released

The two EPs feature classic hip-hop flavor mixed with modern conscious beats and lyrics. While listening to Runt Rock’s, “The Effort,” I could feel the power in their lyrics while their beats just rolled off the ear.  Especially on, “Power to the People.”

“My Life” offers an anthem style beat and features the whole crew, “Live Manikins.”  “Just Wait” features 5th Ave [Neighborhood Watch] and Mahtie Bush [The Alumni] and has a jazzy, relaxed sound.

Overall, this album can be played while cruisin’ in your low-rider, at that backyard boogie or at a hip-hop showcase.  I don’t get tired of these guys.

For more information about Live Manikins, visit www.TheLiveManikins.com and Socially at www.facebook.com/LiveManikins.



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