Tell Us About Your Dream Event!

I asked several UBOHAMMER fans a few questions that we have been pondering recently and came up with several very cool results. First we asked, “what venue would you book an event at.”  Secondly; we asked, “who would be the line up” and thirdly; we asked, “how much would you ask for at the door… Check this out Sacramento and leave your comments about which show(s) you would want to attend and let us know your answers to these questions at!

“ARCO [Arena] or Sleep Train [Amphitheater].  I’d book Hieroglyphics, WU TANG CLAN, Living Legends, Visionaries & Dilated Peoples.  Presale tickets for $50.” – John Ochoa AKA Ospis of Another Rap Group, Sacramento Emcee

“Somewhere by the [Sacramento] river.  Just live art, maybe a reggae DJ and a food vendor.” – Kai Vittore, Co-Owner of Vittore Brothers Apparel!/profile.php?id=100000218274207

“Colonial Theater or Caesar Chavez…[book it in] June/July like a summer jam thing.  If I had a choice probably Grieves, Greyskul or KRS1, Zion I.  Anyone from Living Legends besides Aesop. [I’d charge] $8-$10.”
– Max Bundles, Sacramento Emcee!/profile.php?id=100000778183118

“Club 21.  I’d book FTS, Tas1ne, Chase Moore, Chuuwee.  About $10-$15 [at the door].”
– Mumblez Quaran of French Toast Sundaes, CA-based traveling Emcee

“Townhouse or The Press Club.  [I’d book] Crush, Z-Man, Tribe of Levi, The Inside Story, Bru Lei and me.  It’s spicy and has a mix genre. Rent a bus and add a fare for people to get a ride home or even carpool guest list. ”

Marz Hill, Sacramento Emcee!/profile.php?id=100000200064029

3 thoughts on “Tell Us About Your Dream Event!

  1. A dream event would be something that we are trying to accomplish ever show. Some Comedy, Some Art, Some Music, Some Poetry and Lots and Lots of Dancing at the End and not just bumping and grinding. Real dancing where the 2 people connect and or groups can just move and shake without judgement.

    This is a reality… check our tour dates so far so good. (oh and this tour is based on the love of music and making this a career not a damn hobbie like so many artists in the world who are really afraid to jump)

    No individuality here if you wanna join all you have to do is ask.

    Dont get me wrong we enjoy alot of artists. ( Grieves,Type,Task1one,MaxB,Crush,Hydrogliceryn,TheRealists,MurderDice,AnimalFarm,Brand-Smiff,StevieNader,Drumtalk,MCQball916, TheBeatJackers, MsVybe,…..ahh.. see now we start naming shit and we forget.)


  2. Venue would be the Ace of Spades; if I could have my dream lineup [truely a dream, wouldn’t be easy to book these class acts] it would be: Dredg, Thrice, Trapt, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack and Disturbed! Tickets would have to be at least $50 and it would be a general admission show all ages! Definitely a “dream event”!


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