Infamous Emcee CookBook of LA Symphony Performs to Not So Enthused Crowd

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Maybe I am not the best person to write this but a review is a review and thus this is my opinion.  On May 1, UBO MAG invited Cookbook who is from the once-infamous indie hip-hop group, LA Symphony to rock the mic at Capitol Garage.  Knowing he would be performing to a smaller crowd of about 85 or so, it seemed fitting.  We set the date with the venue back in March and UBO added on Another Rap Group [A.R.G.], Digital Martyrs and, of course, DJ Ounce, UBO’s new house DJ.

The evening was set for success but began in the opposite direction, I arrived, myself exactly on time.  I was initially to arrive early to interview CookBook and help move chairs around but by the time I got there, the chairs were moved, Cookbook was running late and apparently so was A.R.G. and DJ Ounce.  I was only informed by Cookbook of being late and it wouldn’t affect his timing for the evening.  Digital Martyrs were already in the house, outside, that is of the house.  We delivered contracts and started the show 15 minutes late.  Not that too many people would have noticed once the show had commenced and these things do happen.

We had plenty of merch out that night.  Cookbook’s DJ; DJ Damage was holding down his merch table with cute, “Pretty in Pink” T’s for women and CDs for sale.  Shine Wear and SledgeHammer Graffix were also in the building selling apparell.

Digital Martyrs [Twitter @digitalmartyrs] added on an “extension” of their group, according to DJ SupaCMunky, SkyNet, made up of Task1ne, MadFlows and Mr Lingo [Twitter them @MadFlows, @Task1ne and @mrlingo].  Set started late and was a bit lengthy so we had to cut them short a song.  Apparently, Ospis [Twitter @ospis] of A.R.G. turned the mic volumes down and then off to move to the next set when I asked him and DJ Ounce to gently let them know we needed to move forward.  Digital Martyrs and SkyNet were pretty upset after their set, even though I was not aware or told of this.  Then the entire collective of people were seen sitting or standing outside smoking cigarettes and talking as A.R.G. came on the mic and rocked a very drunken set. I sent NorCal Chika [Twitter @NorCalChika] outside to gather everyone inside and instead of kindly reminding them of the set that was in action, she yelled at them to come in and then flipped them off as she returned inside to dance. Everyone inside was upset that most of the crowd was outside so Ospis took it upon himself to have the house curse Digital Martyrs outside causing even more strife and animosity.

At this point no one wanted to stay and there wasn’t too much that could be done because I didn’t even know half of what had happened.  CookBook took the stage about 12:40 and rocked it pretty hard to a crowd of about 10 people.  There were still some people outside but everyone was dwindling away.  I mean, when you look at the grand scheme of it, this is why people in Sacramento have a hard time getting out of their own city and the same reason people don’t want to come here to perform.  This was a poor show and an embarrassment.  I hope in the future that all of us can learn to communicate better to one another and also learn to support our brotheren in hip-hop the same way they show us support in the movement, otherwise what movement is there?


  1. Before I start ranting I’d like to say big up to CookBook and DJ Damage for coming out to perform and showing us mad love. First of all Aaris you weren’t on time. It was damn near 9:45 before you even showed up. That’s why the chairs were already moved. The only people who were on time were Digital Martyrs and Skynet. Second, It doesn’t matter who Digital Martyrs has come up and rock with them on stage we were promised a 45 minute set. We were not over you were “under”. You did not come through on your promised set schedule, we read the frickin piece of paper(itinerary). It said 45 Minutes and we got 25. Its your fault the show didn’t start on time. Your sound guy was wandering around before you even got there. if your saying the mic situation was what got us our late start than you are sadly mistaken. UBO put on a horrible show and the people i truly feel sorry for are, CookBook, DJ Damage and the fans. I could go on but I might say something mean but I’ll leave on this, UBO, take accountability for your actions and the actions of your people! Peace and Chicken Grease!


    1. First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone. Its very apparent that we are all passionate about our music, our views, and of our people, as we should be. Personally, at this point, I feel no ill feelings towards anyone about this whole situation. In fact, to me, this is all comedy.
      I’ve done shows where there were hundreds of people in the crowd and I’ve done shows similar to the one’s held at Capitol Garage. I’ve seen egos that will make Kanye blush and seen diva’s that will make Janice Dickenson seem timid in comparison. I’ve seen promoters who fashion themselves as professionals but fail to match the maturity of my seven year old daughter and I’ve done interviews with journalists that aren’t equipped to run a proper interview, let alone, write a proper article. What I’m trying to say is that if you are a professional in your respective line of business, please act accordingly. I couldn’t imagine driving up from L.A. to do a show in fear of having my microphone turned down in the middle of my set or being asked to do whatever it is I do for a certain amount of time only to have it changed without notice. I wouldn’t want to work with a promoter who was late to his or her own venue. I can’t have this level of unprofessional-ism on my resume and I don’t think its in the interest of anyone involved with this past Saturday night’s event to have it added to theirs.
      ARG, I got nothing but love for you cats and to have a true rider, an undying fan and a supporter you have in Marianna is admirable. I’ve had fans do much more than say “F–k you.” I’ve had fans attend Oscar Grant rallies, had them pick up megaphones, and had some protest against tuition hikes, immigration reform, and social change. So a refreshing “F–k you” is nothing in comparison to having tear gas shot at you.
      UBO, I’m only saying this because I care for you and what you do: “GET PROFESSIONAL.” Believe you me, I’m trying to do the same.


      1. In any case, it’s all love folks. Aaris, I appreciate your hustle. As they say, Game recognize Game. The Digital Martyrs are not about division amongst our people. We’re about community unification and organization. Just listen to our music. And I truly believe that UBO, ARG, CookBook, Capitol Garage, and anyone involved is about the same thing. Let’s move forward and onward!!!


  2. I wanted to say thanks for being objective but I wanted to clear something up. We went outside after the set was unexpectedly cut short to cool off cuz it was hot in there, others went to smoke. We didn’t go outside cuz we were angry; we became angry after we found out what ospis was doing and when they yelled fuck you at us. They were drunk and handle themselves poorly. Now they’re sober and are still handling themselves poorly. It’s a shame that this is what people see in this small sac scene; they made themselves looked foolish and ruined the atmosphere. We handled ourselves professionally, showed cookbook support then bounced. Skynet didnt imagine our 1st performance going the way it did but thats life; we were still glad to rock a dope crowd with our set! Thanks to all our supporters and to the detractors….well….you’ll find out soon enough.


  3. Digital Martyrs arrived early for mic check. 8:30 to be exact. If they were outside when you got there, what difference does it make? They were there, on time.. when they needed to be. Also, Digital Martyrs was promised a 45-minute set, in that set they were to premier their new project “Skynet” which consists of the Digital Martyrs, Task1ne, MadFlows and Mr Lingo. It didn’t seem like a big deal since Skynet was merely a PART of their supposed-to-be 45-minute set, and the sound was accomodated.

    I was obviously at the show and spoke to a lot of people involved. Ospis of ARG said he was turning some microphones up, not down.. even though the volume to Task1ne’s mic went down while he was messing with the soundboard. The show was running late, but that was not the performer’s fault… if it was already known that the set would be cut short the performers should have been informed prior to hitting the stage. Put yourself in the performers’ shoes. The Digital Martyrs came out from Fairfield to perform, unpaid, and arrived on time ready to rock a 45-minute set they were promised and had rehearsed for. Again, Skynet was a part of that set and the Sacramento members of Skynet had rehearsals prior to the show out in Fairfield. The set was cut down to 25 minutes, so how is that lengthy?

    You were right about the set, it was awesome even though it was cut short… But they had a right to be upset in my opinion. People went outside after the set, this is true.. and I’m a regular at Capitol Garage, so I know that it sucks when most of the crowd is outside and not inside so I’m usually the one trying to get people to come inside for the performance and to show love.. but this time I was in and out. I happened to be outside at the end of the ARG performance when they brilliantly decided to get their crowd to say “FUCK YOU” in unison while flipping everyone off that was outside in the smoking area. ARG had a crowd… Digital Martyrs and Skynet was not part of the crowd inside while they were rocking, but they had a crowd… the F-U was not necessary, uncalled for and totally out of pocket.

    NorCalChika was sent outside to get people to come in and it was obvious that she had been drinking. It wasn’t her job or duty to do so, she just did it because she was asked to and she has a lot of love for ARG. People who are intoxicated do not always communicate effectively. It wasn’t a smart choice to ask her to get the crowd to move in given her state of mind. I do understand why people were annoyed and upset with her, but she was drunk! She was more demanding than asking, which happens when you are under the influence.

    Another non-performer who was outside made a very good point “Who cares if we’re outside, we’re HERE. We paid our money to get in and we can do whatever we want.” VERY true.

    A lot of negative energy was released that night.. I felt it and it was very strong, so did everyone else which is why most of the crowd left. Its too bad that it was right before CookBook’s set. Cookbook KILLED his set, even if it was to a small crowd, smaller than ARG’s.. All he did was show love to us and rocked a bomb ass performance. Luckily some of the people present, performers and non-perfromers were big enough to not let the negative energy get to them and stay for the headliner.


    1. The fact that DM were outside of the set doesn’t even matter, I was telling a story as it was when I arrived at Capitol Garage.

      I didn’t know how intoxicated NorCal Chika was until I sent her outside and she kinda turned and almost fell as she went outside… nor was I told what she did until over 24 hrs. later.

      Nina, you had and have no control over the money at the door so you do not know what happened with them bring paid or unpaid, that is an unfair thing to state. The group did have a 45 minute set and they met it. That is why as well as the fast that Ounce was late that we needed to rush into the next group. I had a timeline and a watch. I also was asked by a DM member if they could perform one more song and if they were okay on time, and I reluctantly told them that they were over and they couldn’t do any more songs. I am also aware of where they came from and was surprised they left when they did without speaking with me first, since I was still trying to figure out what was going on and really couldn’t go outside, especially on that side of the porch [managing sound, door and performers].

      You did clear up a few things though — still some people that were outside are continuously outside at every show they perform at or attend always right after their set, conducting cyphers. I get the energy and the adreneline but when the place is only half packed and more than 1/2 the crowd goes outside it makes no sense to think that is not showing respect or support – I do see why, NOW that they wouldn’t come back inside [Ospis] but at the time that is what I saw and that is probably what others saw as well [SNR].

      Aaris / UBO


      1. 11:15-11:40 is not 45 minutes.

        The only money I had control over was the money I gave to the door person. How is a truthful statement unfair to state?

        There are a lot excuses here.

        At Hip Hop shows, there will be cyphers.


      2. Ok, I would like to opologize because between worrying where Ounce was and the set up and then DM performing, I didn’t track the time they started, just when they stopped and this was due to worrying that Cookbook would get a full hr. to perform with his DJ.

        In the future, I will pay closer attention to that, arrive a little eariler [thanks DM and Skynet for being on time!!], and try to organize to speak with the group about shortening their acts due to tary performers/djs.

        I think we all learned a lot from this and I am glad things are being brought to my attention that I did as well because this will make me more aware at functions that I throw.

        THANK YOU!!!!

        Aaris / UBO


      3. … Nina u are right about these cyphers as they should happen but at a venue where the spot is 1/2 filled and more than 1/2 go outside – kills the rest of the performances. I also was just told that a meeting was under way outside, which I was also unaware of — since many of the people outside were in the last act. I am obviously getting new information as we go but this is a good thing!!

        Aaris / UBO


  4. ARG and DM have no animosity against each other. just talked to them today and went over what went down. There seems to be a lot going on in this review, maybe i am reading into it too much into it, but it seems like it is trying to escalate things to a level that it does not need to go to.


    1. Naw fam, you’re not reading too much into it. What she said was exactly what happened. Like I said before, not a good look…


    1. I aggree which is why I wrote this. I’d like to be the first to make that statement as the promoter and the media outlet for these artists to a larger outlet.
      aaris / ubo


  5. I agree, overall its up to the promoter to inform performers of changes to their set or the show. Aaris, you should have taken it upon yourself to inform digital martyrs that their set length was decreased either prior to performing or after one of their songs when there was a pause as well as gather the outside crowd back inside. Its the promoters job to make sure things go smoothly and shouldn’t be delegated to others especially the intoxicated. This could have been avoided but instead we had idiots thinking they were right bringing sacramento’s hip hop scene an even worse reputation. Next time i recommend all business like this be handled by you personally. ARG and norcal chika were definitely in the wrong and there are no excuses for their actions; we see how even now when they’re sober they handle themselves poorly and it shows their true character.


    1. “ARG and norcal chika were definitely in the wrong and there are no excuses for their actions; we see how even now when they’re sober they handle themselves poorly and it shows their true character.”

      not really sure how ARG is acting now that we are sober. there is nothing i can do to take back what happened on saturday. All of this is just spilt milk, we learn from it and move on to the next show.

      mad flows i’m a DM you my number on twitter.


    2. Poor behavior was evident and there is no excuse to being drunk at a show you are performing at, working, promoting or even representing your business BUT I truely hope that it doesn’t represent ARG or NorCal Chicka’s true personalities. I know both of these people to be kind, giving people. Sometimes things like this happen, unfortunately and we have to just learn for the future what to do the next time we have opportunities.

      I allowed DM a 45 minute set and because Ounce was 1/2 an hour late I needed DM to be done as soon as the set was over. I was told that the second to the last song was the last one and then was approached about another song and had to turn down DM – I offered very long sets. And on a note that Nina said above, I didn’t know that SkyNet was performing until 24 hrs. earlier. I wish I had known back in March because then Ospis could have put them on the flyer!! I know it had nothing to do w/ the set going over and the set was awesome. But me being in communication with one person from DM maybe led to other people in DM and/or SkyNet believing or assuming that there was no communication there. The time line stated when they needed to start as well… and DM knew that we were rushed because the DJ was late.

      Aaris / UBO


  6. Wow, I was not at the show but I gotta say, this is some school yard he said she said bullshit right here. We all need to buck up, chill out and get real. I mean fuck. Look at you guys. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game. Your all 21 and up so please take charge of your own actions and act your age not your shoe size. Yeah maybe Arg were drunk so what? Their grow ass men, let them handle their business. I also understand that ospis may have said some thing to the “people outside” and you know what, that is just him being a wise ass NOT ment to be taken personal, you cats must not know him that well. And for real. Fuck the SNRN they do nothing for us. Keep it real. All in all I respect a lot of you guys and I do understand your points of view but come on guys. All we ever do is bitch bitch bitch and we never take action and move forward. I hear a lot of people say that sac does not support shows or local talent, well look in the mirror, YOU are sacramento! Its time we ALL grow the fuck up.


  7. As a spectator I have a few points… Sacramento’s hiphop scene is relatively small compared to other cities so if negativity is present it will KILL the energy. First off lets realize that a show in sac usually brings out about 50 people where 20 of those ppl are performers/dj’s/ promo, 10 are related guests and if lucky the artists are able to reach out to 20 strangers. I can see why ARG was upset that ppl were outside but no matter how many ppl are at the show inside or out u rock it till ur sets over! If u want the crowd to be at ur feet u have to treat them with respect and instead of flipping them off and having the crowd join, try a diff approach and say ” hey i work really hard on my music and would love to have u inside so i can give u a better show” Hands down no matter where ur at if someones being negative towards u, youre not gonna go support them and jam. After a set the artists deserves to go get fresh air or leave or get a drink they shoudnt be reprimanded. Being that DM/skynet consists of 6 ppl it can leave a hole in the crowd but they dont have to be inside to enjoy the show. Overall an artist is there to perform and the fans are there to watch, if we all do our jobs with enthusiasm every hiphop show in Sac should be off the hook!
    Also, in general I think its good to have a host so the artist and the crowd know whats going on. Usually a host can feel the crowd out and can see if there needs to be an intermission and they can get the crowd into the show if the audience isnt feeling it.
    It’s 2nd Sat this wkend so lets all get straitened out and get our game faces back on!!


  8. i gotta agree w/ dj nocturnal, lyn and mad flows. as a hip hop head whose been around for more than a decade watching drunk shows and observing crowds in sacramento, heads really need to man up on this. from the promoter to the performers there was all kinds of bad business going on that night. but i will say this………… mad flows, mr.lingo and task1ne murdered the stage & blew up the 20 person crowd (if that). and all anyone can talk about is how someone/ crew “felt” dissed. task1ne is a monster on stage. yall best believe and beware! even with his mic turned down he crushed the comp, not that there was much or any but he definatly outshined the rest. rated r rocked the spot as usual. ya know i cant ever say ive witnessed him not tear it up. as for cookbook…….. his set was cool. hes definatly a performer but like there was no crowd to rock, unfortunatly. and by the time dj damage took over it was truely dead. but dudes set was real dope! he left ounces poor little mixer and turntables smokin! anyway DM was clearly upset about something and started their show off by dissing adam carolla. the shock jock from l.a. i totally understand what that beef was about and why they wrote that song but the people in the crowd who werent pinoy werent feelin it. in fact alot of folks were like what the? cuz fact is regardless of what adam says folks like him. he’s a shock jock like howard stern and obvoiusly did his job well enuff to have folks who dont even know him writing songs about him. as for the lil misunderstanding between the two crews…..its a well known fact that every performer asks the crowd to fill in when they take the stage. a lil call and response is a normal thing as well. “party over here FUCK YOU over there!” i agree it could of been done in better taste but it is what it is. and it clearly wasnt a dis. come on yall, pete b from the cuf said it best in the song sacramento…’s like crabs in a bucket, it’s a shame we should be above it in SACRAMENTO! and thats real!


    1. “Manny is off praying to chicken bones…and that you don’t have to respect him because he’s a “fu**ing idiot”. Someone has to tell him that it doesn’t make a difference….Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao…Get a fu**in life as a country….All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people. Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?…All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores. Get your shit together, Philippines!…What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Then what? Does the whole country go into depression?”

      It’s OK AC…. we’ve performed in front of Jewish Zionists and conservative Republicans (Adam Carolla fans are timid compared to them.) I don’t really think you heard our music prior to this show homie, and Carolla fans can still be fans. Shock jocks can be forgiven over and over again, until they say something about you, right? To clarify: we weren’t really upset from the beginning, we in fact are excited that we can have a forum like Cap Garage (or the Bay, or LA, our radio segment, UK and other places that show DM love) to spread our ‘love’ just as other MCs do at a hip hop venue. And we love Task too! In fact, the Bay has shown more respect and reverence to Task1ne more than Sac ever had. (and who said it was a competition?) I think it is clear from AC’s post who he likes and who he doesn’t like, but really, the music wasn’t really put out for him.

      But I’ll definitely come to you if when we need to press t-shirts homie, real talk. Maybe a “F**k Adam Carolla t-shirt? A quote for 6 shirts would be great (one for every member of Skynet, make sure you got a XXL for your favorite, Task1ne.)


  9. all this needs to be buried. its stupid at this point.. its over and done with..


    its causing a whole lot of unnecessary drama.

    that or mercury retrograde lol.


  10. Yo Noc, I’m kind of wondering what your “Fuck the SNRN they do nothing for us” comment was about. I think you’re trying to say SN&R, but, damn, I’ve done nothing but cover hip-hop for the past 4 years! What do you want them to do? Buy you turntables? Change their name to the Nocturnal News & Review? Make your mixes for you? Give you back rubs? Don’t make me wrastle you, fool! Cuz I will!


  11. Hey guys,
    I just want to say I had a good time with all a y’all! I didn’t feel disrespected. I’ve done tons of shows, & they go how they go! I just wanted to have fun with whoever was there, and I did. Thanks to the homey Adam for his show review! Not everyone is gonna like my colbie callae!!! I hope to be back soon. DM & ARG showed me mad love, & I’m here givin it back! Holla at me anytime, & I hope to be back out there real soon. Thanks for bringin me out, Aaris!
    (Oregon emcee! Ha!!!)


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