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  1. The UBO Go Go Show

    For one brilliant night, the group Cutlass Supreme brought their unique brand of Hip Hop to a sleeping Sacramento crowd. It was as if really
    cool passengers had piled into this Old School classic car and were headed to Vegas, each one bringing a unique timbre to the ride.

    The group’s brand of Hip Hop falls under the lesser known genre of Go Go music. This subgenre, created by DC singer-guitarist, Chuck Brown in the 1970’s is a mixture of synchopated rhythms emphasized by congo drums, call and response to the audience, and big band instrumentation.

    The lead MC, Cutty Dre, inserted himself into the crowd and gently teased
    them into a more mentally stimulated state. The beautiful singer Native Star joined him mind melting the most staunch members of the audience.

    There are some that will always remain in the “kiddie pool” of life. For the
    “ Grown and Sexy “, check out the CuTless Supreme Band @


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