…And It All Comes Out: 2Ugli Speaks Dirt [Full Version/Uncensored!]

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Been making and creating sounds and rhymes since the tender age of 12 and infatuated with hip-hop such as Wu-Tang Clan, EPMD and Cypress Hill, 2ugli; San Diego-based emcee, former member of Apes in English and now unofficially signed to Baby Grande Records [no comment from Baby Grande] will be releasing, “Back on Broadway,” November ’09 as well as two albums “The Free E.P” and “Poor Quality” August ’09. 

2Ugli has worked with several Sacramentan emcees and producers yet he feels that “music is being categorized and segregated.”

“True hip-hop needs to be recognized,” says 2Ugli who is “preparing for war” on his new album through Baby Grande.

2Igli has worked with local emcees such as Wyzdom [Verbal Venom], Agustus thElafant [Lost Tribe], Doey Rock, Cawzlos and production with 26Hrs.  Outside of Sacramento, emcees Stout [Jedi Mind Tricks], Al’tarba, Hell Raiser [Wu-Tang Clan], Mac Dre [R.I.P.], Keepers of the Light and EVB.  Production on his album is by PlanB, Snow Goons, J-Nyce are all to be a part of 2Ugli’s released music.

“2Ugli doesn’t pay artists or producers to be on their projects,” says 2Ugli proudly.

2Ugli’s fan base would tout his music on a street-grimy hip-hop level yet his dark-beats and sampled bits from classical music and somewhat jazz-backbeats seems a bit complicated compared to his lyrics.  2Ugli is constantly working on getting his name out, mainly with his relationship in Sacramento.  Not only does he have a production relationship with 26-Hrs. but 2Ugli is one of his biggest fans.  Also having close ties with Cawzlos, “We’re really good friends” and Wyzdom who talks with him regularly about music and of whom 2Ugli believes is a “humble, talented [and] incredible artist.”

2Ugli’s favorite emcees in Sacramento are Agustus, Doey Rock, Chase Moore, Floe Montana; all of whom he thinks of as ‘fresh emcees” and Mic Jordan [Tribe of Levi] who is a “dope, free stylist [but] I don’t see him as a musician, more as an artist.”

DJ Filth, whose MySpace page was labeled, “2Ugli Killer” feels that he doesn’t currently “have a relationship with 2Ugli” even though 2Ugli finds Filth one of the “humblest motherfuckers” and doesn’t “buy the fact that [he was] involved with the Mahtie Bush and Old Ghost [TPR] rivalry. 

“We just don’t get along because he doesn’t get Mahtie Bush and I am not down for that,” says Filth who was supposed to DJ for 2Ugli before the opposition began and 2Ugli released a song called, “Fuck TPR.”

Mic Jordan of Tribe of Levi doesn’t have any comment on the situation but did state that “there is a lot of real music coming from Sacramento by real artists.”  Nicely put Mic!

“He ruins the definition of backpack music.  [He is] fucking gay,” says 2Ugli about Bush, “He paid his way through [like] a little rich white boy.”

-- Photo By Vana Damlong
-- Photo By Vana Damlong
Mahtie Bush after the KBMB 103.5 80West Launch Party!  He made it happen for Sac!  -- Photo By Aaris A. Schroeder
Mahtie Bush after the KBMB 103.5 80West Launch Party! He made it happen for Sac! -- Photo By Aaris A. Schroeder


Bush, who has been making music as young as 11-yearsold left Sacramento at 13-years-old and returned at 18, getting heavily involved with the break dancing community and emceeing in his group, Alumini at 23-years-old.

“There are a lot of shows [in Sacramento], that’s a good thing.  We need a Nor-Cal magazine [for hip-hop] and it would be nice to see radio personalities out at the shows,” says  Bush who conducts all of his own marketing, due to marketers and street teamers who are all talk and distrustful.

Bush and 2Ugli were both featured on “The Real Sac Kings” mix tape.  The album wasn’t to conclude that featured emcees, DJs and producers were the real ‘Sac Kings’ but just an idea that artists have about themselves here in Sacramento, says Bush.

“The real ‘Sac Kings’ are C-Bo, Brotha Lynch, The Cuf and everyone like that.”  Bush keeps it real.


  1. Who the fuck posted these videos, 2Ugli?
    Plain and simple, this cat is not Sacramento Hip Hop, he has no roots in our city and has no place speakin out on Bush or anyone else for that matter. Fuck the diss tracks little boy, step up!


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