“Even If The Record Skips” Franco Can Keep Up

Album: Even If The Record Skips
By: Franco of Dirty Rats
Produced: Dirty Rats

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Tight, story-telling lyrics and sweet indie beats; Franco of Dirty Rats does it again for his fans.  Franco’s first song is sped up and formed into track two, showing his ‘path as an emcee,’ bringing wisdom to the stage.

“Good Morning,” is a positive track about getting your business done: “Good Morning / The rest of the neighborhood’s snoring / but I’m wide awake today to put my best foot forward,” says Franco.

If you want to feel a new hip-hop consciousness-high with fun beats, Franco has what it takes.

"Even if The Record Skips."  - Photo Courtesy of Franco
Franco of The Dirty Rats, Presents: "Even if The Record Skips." - Photo Courtesy of Franco




1 Comment

  1. I don’t listen to very much rap, mostly because I’ve not been exposed to alot of quality underground conscious rap until recently. I met Franco at the ATL Film Fest at a screening for the documentary “Where You From” where he did 4 songs and a Q&A session with the director. Afterward he handed out a few CD’s. I listened to this CD on repeat for a whole week straight. This is some good stuff!


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